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Hello r/streetwear, I’m a bit bored right now and I need some extra karma to post on some subs so here I am. I am here to showcase you some streetwear brands coming out of Montreal. These are not all the brands or the best brands to some people, but the 3 most popular brands in Montreal. Let’s begin.

Dime: A pretty popular brand, fairly known on this sub. Dime was originally just a group of friends skating and making videos and posting them online. They then started to branch out by making clothes with the help of Vincent Tsang. In a 2 year old interview they claimed that Dime will always be for fun and it’s not work to them because they enjoy doing what they do. They’re known for a couple of things. One obviously being their skate videos. Another one is their annual glory challenge and the last being their clean and simple graphic tees like their dinosaur ones. They have also gotten popularity boosts from the likes of Virgil Abloh and their Vans collab. As of today, they have a store in Montreal and are stocked in shops like DSM and Supreme.

Saintwoods: Founded by Zach Macklovitch and Nate Woods who are known for a lot of different things in Montreal. Saintwoods, takes on an array of roles including event curation, artist management, design and branding for bars and clubs around the city. While I could go on and explain everything what the Saintwoods team does, but that would be boring so I’m just gonna cut right to the point. Saintwoods is one big project and their clothing is just a small part of it. The design part of Saintwoods is now really starting to blow up with recent collaborations like Nike, Places+Faces, Majid Jordan/OVO and Wu-Tang. They also have Places+Faces collab dropping this Friday. The Saintwoods clothing branch hasn’t been around for long and to have collabs with brands like Nike is very impressive. In the next 2 years, expect Saintwoods to be making some big waves.

Atelier New Regime: Probably the one I least care about and the one I like the least but surprisingly the one I see being rocked the most. Atelier New Regime is a streetwear label created and based in Montreal. It began in 2009 as a project and outlet for self-expression. The team designed clothes in a bedroom, stocked them in a basement and sold them out of their trunks. They started getting traction and boutiques in Montreal started to stock them and they later opened up a store (4632 Rue Notre-Dame).

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