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I bought the purple toned liquid eyeshadow, the loose highlighting powder in “moon tears” and the white/silver eyeliner.

shadow: AWFUL. took forever to dry and then it flaked everywhere at a slight touch and went into my eye. that was WITH UD primer and i cant even tell you how terrible it was without primer. the color was also way more blue than purple and it was fairly translucent even with a few coats.

eyeliner: AWFUL. the color was nice but the brush was completely destroyed when i opened it. it was brand new and sealed so i’m not sure what happened there. did not bother to try to apply with a different brush as it did not dry down.

the highlight powder was actually very good. it gave a glow at buildable look with gorgeous shimmer. however, it is so much like my becca and huda highlighters i’d probably not notice a difference. a good dupe for those who don’t have them already!

all in all i’ll be returning to walgreens to hopefully get my money back for the lot. i’m so bummed because i’ve been impressed with WNW releases up until now.


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